Vlog: “Your Free- Will & the Energetic Scale!”


Energy vibes are everywhere!

..even our feelings & thoughts are energy!


Do you ever feel unsure or unclear on what to do next?

Sometimes, we know what we want right away, and other times, it takes us a bit to really feel what we want & what we are guided to do.


Either way, you always have a choice with your own Free-Will!

One of my favorite ways to really feel what I want & what I feel guided to do is with the Energetic Scale; check it out below!

Always follow your heart & be true to yourself!

This is your life too, and you deserve all the best within this life!

Continue to be open to receive all the Blessings, as you re-align with your truth & your Free-Will!

August 30, 2017

More Vlogs to come!