Here’s all that we will enjoy!

*Letting Go Meditation to release all heaviness from the past. Release anger, stress, sadness, hurt, etc. (Bring a yoga mat!)

*Inner Child Healing to reconnect with your younger self! You will connect with a happy memory when you were a young child; this is like having a reunion with your younger self to heal and empower. You will feel more connected with yourself and playful! It will be easier to have fun!
*Become present, centered, & grounded!
*Claim Your Power BACK!! Claim your space & your worth!
*Strengthen Your Trust in Yourself and in this Life! 

*Focus on Your Needs & Wants! Re-discovering what that is for you! Gain clarity on what your soul craves in this life!

*Manifesting Meditation & Visualizing to see yourself receiving all that you wish to attract, & feel all this greatness unite with you!

*Meditative Visual of your Future Self to really see how you want to see yourself–being happy, successful, and all you wish! You will feel connected with your Future Self to amplify your self-belief to take action with ease! Gain all the reassurance you need! Celebrate!

*Gain confidence, certainty, & everything else you need to fulfill your dreams! 

*Action Mapping!! We will create a chart, so you can easily see your stepping stones for your unique path! This provides organization and clarity on what you feel guided to do with more structure and order!
*Labyrinth walk! Our venue is gorgeous and spacious! Inside is a labyrinth–a walking meditation! We will do this to connect even more, to empower, and to receive more guidance! It’s beautiful to do this as a group, co-existing in unity and peace!


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When: Sunday, January 14th from 2pm to 4:30pm!

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church, 2903 Jefferson Ave., New Orleans, 70115

With: Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D., Natural Healing Specialist

Admission: Only $44 for the full Retreat for the Early Registration! Price goes up to $65 by January 3rd.


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Let’s unite and empower together!
It’s like a soul gym!

Come workout with us in the most spiritual way!

All are welcome! See you there!


Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.
Natural Healing Specialist
Empowerment Coach