Healing Bundles just for you!

& you can share with your family too!

This is done locally or by webcam/phone!

 Receive Energy Healing + Intuitive Messages & More!!

     This series is to provide a consistent, healing process as you become the Brightest You!

     Receive healing when you want! You can share sessions with your family too!



  • Feel peaceful and relaxed!

  • Release stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness!

  • Claim your Power Back!!

  • Fully Believe in yourself and your own success!

  • Be present & FREE!

  • Be Courageous & Confident!

  • Strengthen your intuition & your gifts!

  • & More!


 Healing is a process, and it is needed to have atleast three sessions to clear all chakras and to release all heaviness of any kind.

Healing is hygiene for the spirit and soul, as well as for the emotions and the mind.

It’s best to have one session a week until all chakras all clear. After, it’s recommended to have “energy tune-ups” atleast two times a month to cleanse your overall being.

Healing Bundles Choices:

4 Full Healing Sessions for only $600

Feel lighter, heal emotional wounds, and feel very relaxed! So worth it!

Each session includes Inner Child Healing, Forgiveness Visualizations, Chakra Clearings, aura cleansing, balancing of the body, grounding to become more present and stable, calming the mind, & more!

I will also share all intuitive messages with you, so you can heal faster with comfort and peace. Each session is about two hours in duration.

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4 Energy Healing sessions for only $440

These sessions are only one hour in duration, and includes all the Energy Healing with the intuitive messages that your soul needs to hear.

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“I feel like I lost 10 pounds of stress. I haven’t felt that peaceful in 5 years!”

“I feel happy, relaxed, and empowered to get moving. I feel the progression of each workshop I’ve been to, and it has been more relevant this time. I am shifting. I feel empowered to get back on track.”

“Thank you again for providing the time to guide us through our dreams and putting the steps to it. This time I felt like the heaviness in my mind and body got dissolved.”

“The meditation/visualization exercise opened me up to my positive future self. Working through the exercises of what was holding me back helped me realize what my blockages are and with that knowledge I can see how to get past them.”

“Great session! It helped create a grounding feeling and a sense of possibility and empowerment. The meditations are calming, appeasing, and productive. What I like most is the tools we can use in daily life. Thank you, Jess!”

**All reservations are final; no refunds for the sake of the class dynamic. Thank you! See you soon!!

Let’s do this together! It’s all about teamwork!

 I can’t wait to get started & to watch you BLOOM!

Much Love,

Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.

Natural Healing Specialist

Empowerment Coach

There are no cancellations or refunds.