Feel Lighter & Relaxed

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Release stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, and all other heaviness from your being!


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504-352-6418 or jgtregle@gmail.com


Full Energy Healing session: This includes clearing of the chakras, aura cleansing, calming of the mind, balancing of the body, grounding to be more present, and all the extra releases and clearings you may need. This also includes healing of your inner child, as well as Forgiveness. The inner child part is like having a reunion with your younger self to feel a stronger connection with yourself for healing & self-love. Forgiveness helps let go of past hurts and heals the heart & your whole being even more. I’ll also share all intuitive messages that your soul needs to hear. This is only $185 and you will feel lighter, very relaxed, peaceful, and uplifted! It’s like an Energy Makeover! This is 1.5 hours in duration.

 Results of Energy Healing:

*Gain your inner-freedom back!

*Feel very relaxed and much lighter!

*Feel more happy and passionate about life!

*Become more energized and more alive!

*Naturally gets rid of sadness, anxiety, anger, stress, pain, guilt, and all negativity!

*Calms the mind!

*Improves sleep and daily life

*Heal emotional wounds and burdens!

*Have fresh beginnings!

*Feel a wholesome connection with yourself!

*Live more within the moment, and be more aware!

*Forgive others and yourself

And, so much more!


releasing the doves


“I feel great! I’m so relaxed! Gee-wiz! I’m incredibly relaxed! That was amazing! That was awesome! I don’t feel anymore anger, frustration or sadness! I am just very relaxed!”

‘I feel refreshed like I’ve opened. I feel much better than when I first came in here. I feel great! I feel lighter! I don’t feel any anger or resentment, anymore! Throughout my whole session, I felt this joy rippling through me…I felt myself smiling throughout the entire session–I felt real happy. I feel real happy to be who I am right now; I’m just happy to be here.’

“That was incredible! I feel like smiling! It’s amazing! It felt like I’ve slept for eternity! I am very relaxed and energized! It felt like you were pulling strings, and I felt where you were. It was very comfortable. I felt a release!”

‘I feel good! I don’t feel any pain. I felt you around my heart; I could feel a movement. I don’t feel any sadness. I feel lighter–it’s like an overall feeling. My breathing feels like it’s easier to breathe.’

“Oh, that’s so relaxing! I feel calm, peaceful, productive, better rested..my mind is more focused and more calm. I feel like I had been in a very deep sleep.”

‘That was very relaxing, almost like a release of sorts. I sensed alot of calmness and peace and a great sense of relief. My mind is clear. I don’t feel any pain! I feel recharged!’

“I feel like I opened; surprisingly more open than I usually am! I feel less guarded. I feel very relaxed!”

‘I feel relaxed like bright and shiny! My heart feels better–anger and sadness are gone! It was very different. Some points of my body couldn’t stop being aware of it–the energy was all moving at once. I felt comfortable; it was soothing.’

‘I’m in a good mood and that just doesn’t happen very often. I feel even lighter than before! I am a little more than relaxed like a weight has been lifted, but it’s like I have been lifted. It was comfortable all throughout.’

“I am so much happier and more positive; it’s like a different world! I feel like I have been lifted!”

‘I am relaxed–very relaxed!  I could feel the energy moving for sure. It felt like I was being bathed with energy. It felt good–like it was a shift! Now, I am peaceful, no stress, and my mind is clear.’