About Dr. Jess

Hello to you! 
     I’m Dr. Jess, and  I am happy to connect with you! To introduce myself, I am an old soul that is very intuitive. I specialize in Natural Healing that makes you feel lighter, very relaxed, happy, and free! I am here to help uplift you with healing, encouragement, and lots of Love.
     My specialties are in Energy Healing, Inner Child and Forgiveness Healing, Guided Meditation, Healing Workshops, teaching Energy Healing, Distant Healing, the Reconnection, and Public Speaking.
I have received my doctorate in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics, and I have been sharing healing with the community since 2009. 
Contact me today at 504-352-6418 or jgtregle@gmail.com
      You are more than welcome to experience all the healing that you wish, as we all deserve to feel our BEST! We are not meant to carry any heaviness or burdens; you don’t have to carry anything!  We are meant to feel very light, open, and free! Healing is also great for friends and family, so always know that they are welcome to come see me.
     I love watching people bloom as we all continue our healing process. It’s so beautiful! I enjoy sharing wisdom in various ways, such as class settings and individual settings. We all need healing,  and everyone prefers different things which is why there are choices in healing; always feel what is best for you, and that will be perfect!
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      Always remember, I am here for you and your loved ones, allowing you all to feel even lighter, more relaxed and peaceful! Message me or even call me, and we can begin your healing process!  My phone number is 504-352-6418 and email is jgtregle@gmail.com  Contact me when it’s convenient for you, and we can go with the flow from there ~
I always knew that I wanted to help others, and I always enjoyed the deep truth within life. When I came across Energy Healing and Natural Healing, I knew I found my purpose!
We are so divinely created that we can truly heal ourselves with a very sacred connection. Feel free to browse the rest of this website to learn about everything that is being offered to you.  
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 My Healing Experience:
    When I first found out about Energy Healing from Dr. Roy Solomon, I experienced my three Energy Healing sessions. During my very first session of Energy Healing, I instantly knew that I was meant to do this for others.
I could really feel the healing taking place; the energy within me was flowing all throughout my body. It was so relaxing and refreshing! I felt all old hurt leaving my body, like an evaporation feeling. It felt wonderful! I could easily feel myself healing and feeling better. 
I felt so much heaviness leaving my body.  I felt sensations of peace and comfort as my whole being became much lighter; I also healed with the meditative visuals, as well! After receiving the three Energy Healing sessions, I felt like these huge boulders came off my shoulders! Literally! I felt free and incredibly light! I felt like all my emotional wounds and burdens healed completely! It was like fresh beginnings!
I always wanted to help people on a deep level, and when I experienced my own healing sessions, I instantly knew that this was what I was meant to do. From there on, I have been blessed to help people like you with this amazing, healing transformation, allowing you to experience life with true freedom!  
My Educational Background:
     I have learned Holistic Energy Healing, the Inner Child, and Forgiveness from Dr. Roy Solomon, and soon after I  learned Reconnective Healing® and the Reconnection from Dr. Eric Pearl to provide further styles of healing. 
     I have received my doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona, and I have received my master’s degree from the University of Metaphysics;  I earned a bachelor’s degree in science of psychology at the University of New Orleans.
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 “Thank you, Dr. Roy Solomon, for bringing me into the light, helping me to connect with who I truly am and with my life purpose! I am foever so grateful to have met you; you are an amazing teacher and friend! Thanks for everything! Thanks for being you!” ~Dr. Jess Tregle