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Here’s Everything You will Learn:


  • Clear Chakras ~ release stress, sadness, anxiety, hurt, anger, pain & more! This will make people feel very relaxed, more open, light, happy, and more uplifted! You will be able to identify which chakras are clear and which are blocked, as well as learn several ways to clear them!
  • Help others have Fresh Beginnings! ~ Clear the burdens from the past, so others can have fresh beginnings
  • Aura Cleansing ~ This makes people feel lighter, more open and safe, very peaceful, and uplifted.
  •  Calming of the Mind~ clear all worries and concerns, letting their mind become very open and more positive
  • Balance the Body ~ This makes them feel stable and confident
  • Clearings of the Meridian Lines ~ a wash-out effect of the energy channels for one to receive more guidance, love, and support.
  • Grounding ~ This helps people feel more connected to the moment and very present.
  • Healing Tricks! ~ This includes Chord Cutting, opening up the energetic body to create more space for another person to feel peace, flossing motion to help joints, and more! There are many healing tricks that you will learn to heal others faster! This makes it fun and easy!
  • Receive Energy Healing! ~ During class, you will also receive Energy Healing, so you can also heal and learn how it feels to receive. It’s very relaxing like floating on a cloud!
  • Learn Distant Healing! ~ You can share healing with family, friends, and clients in other locations, anywhere in the world.
  • Heal Yourself! ~  Share this healing with yourself, as it’s important to give back to yourself.
  • Receive Certificate of Completion ~ You will receive your Certificate of Completion at the end of class! You are welcome to share this on a personal level or even as a career. You can choose what you want to do with it!
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“This is a life-altering experience. With these tools, one feels they may continue to heal themselves and others. The class is fun and transformational. Having such loving and kind instruction with a safe and supportive space is breathtaking and wonderful.”
“I experienced a real understanding of how to do Energy Healing. I learned in a very simple way and now have a clarity about this. I felt comfortable and always supported. I am super excited to spread The Light!”
“Excellent class. Dr. Jess is a master educator. She’s patient and calm and takes all the time needed for students to learn. I feel like I’ve made an excellent start in Energy Healing.”   



When: Saturday and Sunday of June 3rd and 4th from 10:30am to 4pm on both days!

Where:  723 Hillary St., New Orleans, LA 70118; the healing office

With: Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D., Natural Healing Specialist since 2009

Investment: The full course and lifetime wisdom is only $425 

**This will give you a Certificate of Completion, and you will also receive your own binder with detailed notes on all the healing steps and more!


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This is going to be an ENLIGHTENING Experience!


Sign-up today! Only 2 spots left!


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Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.

Natural Healing Specialist