Hi Beautiful Soul!

  • Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

  • Do you have anxiety or anger? Sadness? 

   Dr. Jess, here 🙂 It’s common for many people to feel all of these things! Yet, all of this can be released with Energy Healing! This is a natural healing that cleanses your overall energy– body, mind, and soul.

This is an Energy Makeover!! 

You will feel very relaxed during the session, and after you will feel lighter, more open, and peaceful! I will also share all intuitive messages with you that your soul needs to hear.

I can even reconnect you with your inner child to heal the past, share forgiveness visuals, manifesting visuals, & more!


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504-352-6418 or jgtregle@gmail.com

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     You’re also welcome to learn Energy Healing to heal others!

You can be an Energy Healer too!

     This Energy Healing Class gives you a Certificate of Completion and a lifetime of healing wisdom! Contact me to learn!


     I also share Guided Meditations, the Reconnection,  Self-Healing workshops, & more!



I look forward to healing with you!


You are always welcome! 





Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.

Natural Healing Specialist

Empowerment Coach