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Hello to you!

Feel lighter, very relaxed, and peaceful with inner child healing! This releases stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, hurt, and the heaviness from life! This is like having an Energy Makeover!

This also includes Energy Healing–clearing of your chakras, aura cleansing, calming of your mind, balancing of the body, grounding, chord cutting when needed, and more! I will also share all intuitive messages with you during the session. It feels amazing!!

Even though you are growing up, you are still the child within. During your healing session, you will enjoy meditative visuals, and it feels like having a reunion with your younger self. This helps heal core wounds, and you begin to feel relief and a healthy closure to the past.

It’s teamwork, and I am 100% on your team. I personally enjoy making people feel comfortable, safe, and peaceful all throughout the healing experience, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Sessions can be in person or via Zoom/Facetime. *For covid safety, masks are required. Thank you!

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The healing office is a safe space, and I am open to helping you!

I also share online retreats, group meditations, Energy Healing Classes, and I am the author of Heal Your Spirit & Empower Your Life!

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All the best,

Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.