Hi Beautiful Soul!


  • Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed?

  • Do you feel sadness, hurt, anxiety, anger, or even feel stuck?

   You can feel very relaxed, lighter, and peaceful with Energy Healing!


I’m Dr. Jess, and I will love to help you feel lighter and peaceful as you heal!


It’s like having an Energy Makeover! It’s so refreshing!

I will also share all intuitive messages that your soul needs to hear, and I will let you know how your chakras are! 


     Your healing will be customized to what your soul needs.


I can even reconnect you with your inner child to heal the past, share forgiveness visuals, manifesting visuals, & more!


Schedule your healing today at

504-352-6418 or jgtregle@gmail.com



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     You’re also welcome to learn Energy Healing to heal others!

You can be an Energy Healer too!

     This Energy Healing Class gives you a Certificate of Completion and a lifetime of healing wisdom! Contact me to learn!


     I also share Guided Meditations, the Reconnection,  Self-Healing workshops, & more!

As a gift, enjoy this free download of 3 Simple Ways to Empower!



I look forward to healing with you!


You are always welcome! 





Dr. Jess Tregle, Msc.D.

Natural Healing Specialist


Empowerment Coach